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First Alert Injury Reporting System
We encourage ALL members to help improve fire fighter safety by sharing injury experiences so that all fire fighters and emergency responders can help prevent unnecessary injuries and fatalities. Please fill out one of these reports when suffering a injury. All reports are voluntary, non-punitive, and secure with the goal of improving firefighter safety.
Firefighter Legislation
Firefighter legislation in PA and our position on each bill as well as the status in the General Assembly
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Firepac 10


Firepac Intro
Mar 27, 2007


Firepac 10 refers to our involvement as a labor organization in the political activities within our community and region. It means we care about who is elected to serve as our political leaders and that we care enough to get actively involved. As firefighters we serve our communities for 20 - 30 years, however many of the political leaders generally serve from 4 - 8 years. For the most part our political leaders have been elected via a perception of the voting public that they have the interest of the voters at heart. We all know this is not always the case. It is imperative for us, as firefighters, to engage political issues and candidates. It is our goal as a labor organization to actively strive to help elect candidates who understand our concerns. Many of our issues are a matter of life and safety for ourselves and those we serve. Internal research has shown that our members and their families are "high-percentage" voters, meaning that we tend to vote in every election. With just our members and their families we carry over 200 votes, that is an amazing figure. Firepac 10 members are familiar with the issues and candidates and are knowledgeable of the political arena. All political and government related activities of our members are directed by the P.A.C.  As anyone knows, a large group of people with a common goal can be very powerful and produce results. Our profession is an occupation that has earned trust and admiration of the citizens we serve, we can provide a high-profile presence at political activities. Working together we can secure our workplace and provide the best in emergency services possible for our residents.
Seeking endorsement of Firepac 10? Here's how.
Mar 27, 2007

Candidates seeking endorsement of Firepac 10 need to contact the Political Action Committee and express their desire to seek our official endorsement. The committee will conduct interviews with the candidates and discuss issues and qualifications. Candidates will be invited to speak freely and are encouraged to learn more about the McKeesport Fire Department and the concerns of our members. Candidates are forewarned that we take this process very seriously and should be prepared to answer questions such as the following:


1. Does the candidate have a clearly defined campaign plan?
2. Does this plan utilize a strategy that is compatible with public safety issues?
3. Does this plan include sufficient fundraising efforts to run a successful campaign?
4. What is the candidate's position on firefighter issues and public safety funding?
5. What is the candidate's position on the City develoopement and its future?

Once the information gathering process is completed, the board of Firepac 10 will make their endorsement of candidates.

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